Short Sea Shipping

Short Sea Shipping

Short Sea Shipping As specialists in coastal shipping, we are used to moving a large variety of cargoes on a daily basis – safely and reliably. For the transport of containers as well as of bulk, breakbulk and project cargo, EMS Chartering uses its own general cargo ships and vessels from reliable partners. Some ships […]


Showroom Cranes

CRANES The worldwide shipping of mobile harbour cranes has been one of EMS Chartering’s specialities for years. Deploying MPP and heavy-lift vessels of long-standing partners, we develop customized transport solutions and ensure that your cargo safely reaches even the remotest destination. Since 2018 alone, we have successfully shipped more than 200 mobile harbour, ship and […]


Barges EMS Chartering does not only offer transport solutions with seagoing vessels but also has a lot of experience when it comes to transports by barge. In 2021 and 2022 alone, for example, we made use of barges to deliver a total of 414 windmill blades and 110 tower sets for the biggest onshore wind […]

Port Equipment


Port Equipment EMS Chartering has been reliably transporting even very heavy and oversized port equipment to destinations around the globe for years. Deploying MPP and heavy lift vessels of our international partners, we safely deliver hoppers, shiploaders, unloaders and the like to wherever you need them.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy For more than 15 years, EMS Chartering has been a reliable partner for numerous companies in the renewable energy sector. On their behalf, we develop sophisticated concepts to ship components such as blades and tower sections to destinations all around the globe. Our customers benefit from our expertise in, for example, securing cargo, […]